Jaret Hauge, MaSc - CTO and Co-founder

Jaret is responsible for all aspects of business planning and development, including the design, development, and delivery of specialized computer modeling products and consultancy services for both public and private sector clients. Jaret's professional expertise lies in the development and application of simulation and mathematical models across a wide range of industries.

Prior to forming NovaSim, Jaret was the manager of technical support and consulting services for Visual Thinking International, the parent company of SIMUL8 Corporation. Jaret was instrumental in the development and support of SIMUL8, and as such has a particularly intimate knowledge of the SIMUL8 product. As manager of consulting services, Jaret managed large-scale simulation studies in industries and applications including such widely varying areas as manufacturing, aerospace, supply chain, banking and customer contact centers.

Jaret holds a Master of Applied Science in Operations Research from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Commerce in Operations Research from the University of Alberta.

When he's not at his computer, Jaret can often be found out on the water in his beloved 27 foot Soling sailboat, Elaine, or working in his garden.