SIMUL8 Professional provides all the functionality of SIMUL8 Standard but also has power features for the simulation professional, making everyday use more efficient and increasing SIMUL8's functionality.

SIMUL8 Professional includes all the features of SIMUL8 Standard and more (compare). Here are the key benefits of the Professional edition:

  • Results manager with custom reports and custom charts
  • Automatic sensitivity analysis and scenario manager
  • Enhanced debugging tools, e.g. value hover tips in Visual Logic, monitor spreadsheets at runtime
  • Create your own applications using COM connections
  • Support for agent based simulation
  • Speed analyzers and speed improvement tools
  • Virtual reality- represent your simulation in a realistic 3D environment
  • Stat::Fit distribution fitting software
  • OptQuest simulation optimization capability
  • Multi-dimensional arrays
  • Direct connection to databases using built in SQL
  • Ability to share your models with colleagues who don't own SIMUL8 using the Free SIMUL8 Viewer.