How We Work

At NovaSim, we are not simply simulation experts. Yes, we have many years of experience with very large scale simulation projects and extensive academic training. But we're people first and perhaps our biggest strength is our ability to interact positively with your team to jointly develop the best solution for your needs. It is no accident that we say that we are "your partner for simulation success." We really do think in terms of true partnership, and the overall success of the project - whether we are developing a large scale custom application for you, or simply providing a SIMUL8 license with support - we are completely dedicated to your success. Here are a few of the elements that our many, many repeat clients say make us unique:

  • We are insatiably curious, we care about the process, and we are passionate about getting optimal results. If part of the process doesn't work, we continue to explore until we find out why. Unless these questions are asked and a flow is understood, there can be no true improvement in the system
  • As independent expert parties, we can hear the voice of all constituents. Our models become a clear conduit of communication between stakeholders.
  • We are not only interested in what is. What really interests us is what CAN be.
  • Our experts have many years of expertise in not just modeling, but also improving flow systems. We understand flow behavior, including what is likely to cause problems.
  • Our methods are rigorous, highly accurate and predictive.
  • The models we provide are interactive, so that you can benefit from the judgment of your local experts, and your staff develops better process intuition over time.
  • We don't merely report  on how your system can be expected to perform; our tools and consultation offer suggestions for improving the flow.
  • Our broad expertise in a variety of process flow settings has allowed us to develop deep intuition for how to fix the process.
  • We focus on presenting information in a way that:

-Is extremely practical and immediately USABLE
-Fosters the generation of new IDEAS
-Empowers staff with analytical tools for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT