About NovaSim

NovaSim was founded to bring the power of simulation to business decision making, ultimately helping companies improve their bottom line. Simulation is the focus of our business. Our expert management team has logged nearly four decades in the field of simulation. We have the experience to create exactly the customized solution that is right for your business, whether that be an hour of coaching or a full-service decision support tool development.

NovaSim provides comprehensive computer simulation services in the following areas:

NovaSim has formed a strong strategic business alliance with SIMUL8TM Corporation, developers of the popular SIMUL8 simulation software. We are proud to be both a Certified SIMUL8 Solution Provider and a Certified SIMUL8 Training Provider.

Our team is composed of simulation experts with advanced degrees in the field and many years of practical experience. We are also well-practiced with all of the ancillary skils that go into creating a truly successful simulation project, including process improvement, comprehensive data analysis, and project management. In addition to being experts in the simulation field in general, we are recognized as experts on the specific use of SIMUL8 software, and have in fact written the leading text on SIMUL8.

We hope that you will think of NovaSim when you have a need for experienced simulation consultants to either assist on an internally managed project, or to provide a cost-effective outsourced solution. If you would like more information about simulation in general, the kind of work we do, or how we have helped past clients in your industry, please contact us.