Contact Center Performance Improvement

ccProphet is a revolutionary simulation-based software application designed specifically for contact center analysis. ccProphet's design allows an accurate and validated virtual contact center to be built on a PC, incorporating all of the precise system dynamics and intricacies of a company's actual operations. It is then possible to experiment with an unlimited number of "what-if" scenarios and see how alternative strategies might impact operations before any changes are made in the real world. This, of course, translates into the ability to identify specific opportunities for improving contact center operations without spending a fortune in the examination process, and without eventually making costly mistakes.

By embedding advanced discrete event simulation within a user-friendly interface, ccProphet removes the steep learning curve typically involved in using simulation software, and removes the need to hire expensive simulation experts in order to obtain the remarkable benefits of this technology.

ccProphet was developed by NovaSim, a leader in professional simulation services and simulation application development.

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 With ccProphet, you can...

  • Evaluate new technologies
  • Plan multi-skilled staff
  • Establish service levels
  • Analyze customer value indices
  • Balance multiple modes of entry
  • Manage inbound queues