At NovaSim, we have experience with many simulation software applications including Arena (Rockwell Corporation), Witness (Lanner Group), and ProModel (ProModel Corporation) to mention a few. Although we are not bound to SIMUL8, we choose to use it for the following technical and organizational reasons:

  • SIMUL8's user interface is intuitive, well-organized, and easy to work with.
  • SIMUL8 is virtually unlimited in the size and complexity of simulation models that are possible. We have developed models with over 8000 work centers and 1.5 million individual entities.
  • The addition of database functions, Visio interface, XML support, and OCX capability are leading features in the simulation industry. These features allow for leading-edge Windows development capabilities.
  • SIMUL8 offers a rapid development capability where the development time on the consulting project can be accomplished in half of the time that is required in some other languages.
  • Although the graphical features of SIMUL8 are not as powerful as other languages, we find it advanced enough to provide more than acceptable animation to any simulation application. The animation is quick and easy to put together thereby reducing the development time.
  • SIMUL8 is priced for wide-spread implementation, making it available to any organization on a large scale. At $1495 for a standard license or $4995 for a professional edition, most organizations can afford to provide the tool to all of their engineers and analysts.