Why NovaSim?

We believe there are a number of reasons that you should consider NovaSim for all of your simulation needs. Here are just a few of them.

  • If it has to do with simulation modeling, you name it, we've probably done it. Everything we do involves simulation - it's what we think about all day long. If there's something unusual, difficult, or just plain quirky about your project, - there's a good chance we've already successfully dealt with it on one of our many previous projects.
  • We offer simulation plus so much more. Simulation is not all we do. OK, we know that seems to be in contradiction to our last point, but stay with us for a moment. In order to produce the highest quality, most useful simulation-based decision support tools for your business, we find ourselves making use of many skills and disciplines. For example, a simulation model is only as good as the data that goes into it. We offer comprehensive statistical analysis services to ensure that your data is modeled appropriately. We also offer exceptional interface development services. And we haven't even mentioned our project management and general problem-solving skills. Rest assured that when you come to us with your modeling needs, we will have the skills and resources to help you.
  • Put our three decades of experience to work on your problem. Combined, our management team has nearly four decades of practical experience in developing simulation models that solve real business problems, and in time to meet real business needs. We don't create technical masterpieces that just sit on the shelf. We create decision-support tools you will use every day. We don't consider any project a success unless it helps you solve a problem in your business, make a decision, or directly improve your bottom line.
  • We make sure you really understand the decision tool you use. One of our business goals is to teach others about simulation. We like to add a little bit of teaching to all of our projects. We firmly believe that our clients should understand the decision tool they are using in order to get the most out of it.
  • We back it all up with outstanding credentials. All work is directly performed or supervised by true simulation experts. NovaSim is a Certified SIMUL8 Solution Provider and a Certified SIMUL8 Training Provider. What this means to you is that the leading simulation software company has thoroughly checked us out and endorsed our ability to provide for all of your simulation needs. There's no shortage of fancy graduate degrees around here either, but we are especially proud of our proven track records in the field.