SIMUL8 Overview


When you choose NovaSim as your SIMUL8 provider, you receive lots more than a great discrete event simulation language. You will also receive:

Looking for a way to get your entire group off to a great start with simulation? Consider our innovative simulation adoption program. Your group will receive SIMUL8 licenses, a private on-site training course, management of post course learning, and a bundle of hours for coaching on individual projects.

  • Why SIMUL8?

    As an independent consulting firm specializing in simulation, we could choose to use any simulation language. See why we choose to use SIMUL8.

  • SIMUL8 2014

    SIMUL8's latest edition has just been released. Get the details on what we think are the most useful new features.

  • Compare SIMUL8 Editions

    Not sure whether you should start with SIMUL8's Basic or Professional edition? Check out this handy chart to help you decide. If you still have questions, just let us know. We can tell you which is best for your needs.

  • SIMUL8 Basic

    SIMUL8's Basic version is a great way to get started with simulation modeling. SIMUL8 Basic is more powerful than many competitor's highest-end editions and won't limit the new modeler in anyway. We think it is an incredible value.

  • SIMUL8 Professional

    If you are a SIMUL8 power user (or want to be!) and want to share your work with a wide group, we highly recommend SIMUL8's professional edition. Read on to see just how it differs from SIMUL8 Standard or contact us for a free consultation to see if SIMUL8 Professional is right for you.

  • Concurrent Licenses

    Are you lucky enough to be working in a group with other SIMUL8 modellers? If so, you will probably find SIMUL8's concurrent (network) licensing program to be a very efficient and cost-effective way to deliver your SIMUL8 licenses.