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Surgical Scheduling

Hunter New England Area Health Service

Hunter New England Area Health Service is a large governmental health services organization in New South Wales, Australia. Serving approximately 850,000 people, the HNEAHS includes 3 teriary hospitals, 4 rural referral hospitals, 12 district hospitals and 10 community hospitals. NovaSim, working together with PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia, developed a comprehensive simulation model to help manage surgical block management and overall waitlist management for two of the largest facilities in the region. Used to solve a variety of what-if questions when it was first developed, the model remains in consistent use several years later as an ongoing wait list management tool. 

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From Mill to Customer: Simulating a Multi-Mode Distribution Network

Norske Skog Canada's Newsprint Division is a high volume manufacturer of newsprint.  With a heavy and bulky commodity and customers widely dispersed throughout the world, shipping is a significant cost center for the company.  In 1999, for example, Norske Skog (then Fletcher Challenge Canada) spent in excess of $100 Million in freight charges.  While already a successful distribution system, it was clear that even minor improvements in the efficiency of the overall network would lead to significant cost savings.

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Patient Flow Simulation

US Government Department of Indian Health Services

A generalized discrete event simulation tool was utilized for the analysis of client flows in a system of 13 outpatient clinics for the US Government's Indian Health Services (IHS) Organization in Billings, MT. This tool, used by IHS analysts, with support from NovaSim, helped to redesign their client flows in order to better serve client needs.