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Small Project, Big Results


As consultants, we often are faced with large, complex projects that span weeks or months. However, simulation has also proven to be very beneficial to projects on a much smaller scale. Although this particular simulation was started and completed within a single day, it continues to provide significant value to Dynacraft, a subsidiary of Paccar, Inc.

In an effort to ensure that a newly designed assembly cell would meet its production targets, Dynacraft engineers looked to simulation to test their design. The design included 16 assembly stations and 6 kitting stations, all managed by a single materials handling transfer car.

In one day NovaSim was able to develop, test, and train Paccar engineers to use simulation to answer all of their questions. Elements of the model included:

  • Both random and sequentially batched demand options
  • 11 different products
  • Varying kitting and assembly times for both one and two operators per station
  • Travel matrix for the transfer car including load, unload, and travel times with both acceleration and top speed parameters
  • User friendly user interface for all key parameters

Key performance indicators include:

  • Station utilization
  • Transfer car utilization
  • Units per hour histograms
  • Tansfer car task utilization
  • Product specific cycle times

Through the use of the model, Paccar engineers were able to successfuly test alternate design options and sequencing rules to 'right size' their system.