SIMUL8 Sales, Support and Training

If you work in an industry where simulation problems abound, such as healthcare or manufacturing, you may want to work toward developing simulation modeling skills in-house. Whether you are looking to acquire a great discrete event simulation package with great support or need to increase your simulation development skills, we can help!

If your group is ready to make a committment to developing in-house simulation skills, consider our comprehensive Simulation Adoption Program. If you are already part way through the process, or would prefer an a la carte approach, please see below for our menu of simulation skill development services.

Whatever you need, we are here to be your partner for simulation success.

  • Simulation Adoption Program

    We have helped many organizations develop in-house simulation competency. This program reflects the combination of software, training and support that we have found over many years to be most effective in getting a group up the learning curve quickly.

  • SIMUL8 Overview

    SIMUL8 is far and away our favorite discrete event simulation language. Our founders have been using the application since it was created and are the authors of the leading SIMUL8 text book. As a certified independent SIMUL8 value-added reseller, we can help you expertly navigate between your licensing choices. Allow us to provide your SIMUL8 license and get some great additional perks!

  • Learning SIMUL8

    You've purchased SIMUL8. Now what? Let us help you get quickly up the learning curve and producing measurable results. We've been succesully teaching others to use SIMUL8 for over a decade, so we understand that everybody learns differently. To accomodate a variety of learning styles, we offer a range of learning tools from our popular self-study and reference guide, Learning SIMUL8: The Complete Guide to online training to multi-day training courses.

  • Annual Maintenance

  • Create a Simulation Solution

    If you don't have time to trudge up the steep learning curve associated with modeling complex processes, no problem. We've already done it, so we have the skills and experience needed to make simulation work for you. We can help with project structuring, process improvement, data analysis, model building, scenario analysis and everything in between.